Hospitality | Faith

Hospitality Defined As Dr. Peter Lim notes, "hospitality is the practice of attending to others (strangers and friends) through invitation, presence, embrace, conversation, and encounter...inviting others into community in such a way that they are no longer other, but family–an interdependent part of the community. Hospitality cannot be understood apart from being a receiver." I love …

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Christian Women and the Industry | Faith

There have been a lot of things on my mind recently. Israel. Academically studying the Bible [aka, let's-bust-out-the-commentaries kinda thing]. Hospitality. Extended prayer and God time in the morning [complete with homemade lattes]. Growing a few close friendships instead of many acquaintances. Sculpting. Throwing pottery on the wheel. Practicing Sabbath. Reading the Old Testament. Attempting to …

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