The Joys & Challenges of Jerusalem | Faith

My dear friends, Emotionally, I knew the return would be difficult. I was expecting this season to be a time of healing from multiple past friendships/relationships, and that certainly has happened. There's been a lot of redemption and restoration that's happened - places that once brought me bad memories I can and have now filled …

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From Holy + Broken | Faith

I'm not 100% sure where to start this blog post. It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. I often have things on my heart I want to write about but it seems like I have to intentionally press pause on life to be able to sit down long enough to get all my …

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The Search for Clarity | Faith

Maybe it's about being willing to sit in a messy situation, for an extended period of time, to learn what real faith looks like. Maybe it's more about strengthening my faith through prayer and trusting God when there are no immediate answers. Maybe it's about trusting God when there are no answers.